The Woman Behind Jam+Rico Colorful Jewelry Line: Lisette Ffolkes

By Melanation June 2020

"Brooklyn’s own Lisette Ffolkes debuted her Jam + Rico collection in the summer of 2016, incorporating various elements of inspiration from the food, music, prints, colors, and patterns of her Jamaican and Puerto Rican heritage into each statement piece, creatively inspired by textures, sights, and sounds of her travels to the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Cuba, and Aruba, in particular."



7 Black-Owned Jewelry Brands To Shop Right Now

By Nandi Howard January 2019

"When trying to complete a look, sometimes all you need is a few pieces of jewelry to make things pop. Whether you like to layer necklaces or mix and match earrings, your jewelry speaks for itself and can make or break your outfit."



28 Jewelry Picks to Complement Your Fall Wardrobe

By Kit Stone October 2019

"Seasons come and go, but jewelry is forever. More than just diamonds and pearls, jewelry is an excellent way to express your individual style. As the weather gets cooler and you start to bundle up in sweaters and hats, let your jewelry be your fashion statement."


10 Indie Brands To Watch, Plus The Must-Have Piece From Each

By Alyssa Coscarelli October 2018

"Fall is always associated with a fresh start. Even though it's a couple of months away from the new year, this change of seasons, in particular, always inspires a bit of an overhaul as far as your wardrobe is concerned. And so, that shouldn't mean just shopping at your usual haunts. If you really want some unexpected fall and winter pieces, you should think outside the (brand) box and look to indie labels."


10 Affordable Fashion Sites You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet

By Lauren Fisher December 2017

"From apparel to accessories and art, the curated shops on the site feature an affordable range of items that feel fresh and special—and you probably won't see a flock of others wearing the same exact outfit as you when you shop here."


Beauty Editorial: Cinnabar

“Cinnabar is a fusion of earthy autumn colors and bold metallic. It comes together with an Asian inspired styling balanced with Scandinavian minimalism. Poise and elegance with the raw essence of Nordic beauty come together in a warm cinnabar stained story.”